Features and Selection of Chiffon Fabric

Features of chiffon

Chiffon is light and transparent, soft and elastic; The appearance is light and elegant, with good air permeability and drapability; The clothes are elegant and comfortable, and the upper part of the body is elegant, charming, solemn and elegant; Good wear resistance, not easy to pilling, stable size, not easy to wrinkle; Adopt environment-friendly dyeing and anti-static processing; It is elegant and cool.

Classification of chiffon

Chiffon is classified into real silk chiffon and silk like chiffon:

Silk chiffon is made of% mulberry silk. It is good for human skin if worn for a long time. It is cool and breathable and has strong moisture absorption, which is beyond the reach of silk like chiffon. However, there are some aspects of silk chiffon that can not catch up with imitation silk chiffon, such as: it is easy to become gray and light after washing, it can not be exposed to the sun (it will turn yellow), it is very troublesome to take care of (it needs to be washed by hand), and its firmness is not good (it is easy to stretch the yarn, and the suture is easy to tear).

Silk like chiffon is generally made of polyester. Texture characteristics: thin, soft, natural and close to the skin, but silk like chiffon is a purified fiber, so it is not easy to decolorize after washing, and is not afraid of exposure to the sun. It is very convenient to take care of (machine washable), and it is also better in firmness.

Choice of Chiffon

Cut a small piece of fabric and burn it with a lighter. Real chiffon: It emits white smoke and stinks of burning hair. The dried ashes are broken and scattered. Fake chiffon: If it is fragrant (a little sweet, because it is made of polyester) and does not break, you will know the ingredients at a touch.

When the sample is spread out to see its appearance, the silk has light absorption performance, looks smooth and can not afford a mirror surface, the luster is elegant and soft, it is pearl bright, the feel is soft and elegant, the silk thread is dense, and there will be wrinkles when you grasp it with your hand. The higher the purity and the greater the density of the silk, the better the feel. Although the silk like fabric has been removed from the hardness, it feels soft, but it will have a greasy feeling. The poor silk like fabric feels bad when it is sweated. Simulated silk surface is dark, without pearl luster; The chemical fiber fabric is bright, dazzling and hard to handle.