The difference between knitting and tatting

1. The weaving method is different. Woven fabric is interwoven by warp and weft, so there are two directions: warp and weft. Knitting is formed by continuous splicing of a coil, so it has certain elasticity.

2. The difference between knitted fabric and woven fabric lies in the shape of yarn in the fabric. Woven, widely used in shirts, jackets, home textile fabrics and so on.

3. The handle is affected by yarn count, weaving method, and finishing. However, knitted fabrics usually have a soft feel. For example, underwear and sweaters we wear are representative of knitted fabrics. The suits, shirts and jeans we wear are woven fabrics.

4. Knitted cotton is characterized by good dyeability, high color brightness and fastness, and its wearing comfort and moisture absorption are close to those of pure cotton. The disadvantage is acid resistance and poor elasticity.

5. The style and price of woven and knitted fabrics are different. There are many knitted jackets that can be woven.