Autumn must-have item - knitted cardigan

Autumn is the most comfortable season, but it has a lot of time. It’s so cold that it’s cold in the late autumn. Are the little fairies ready for the "equipment" of the fall? It’s okay to be unprepared. Today’s Xiaobian is a versatile jacket for everyone, it’s a knit cardigan.
Small sweater selection
For small people under 160, it is best to choose a knit cardigan in a short type. The short one can properly lengthen the upper and lower body proportions so that you don't appear too short.
This year, pumpkin color is very popular. The pumpkin color looks warm and literary. It is suitable for the cool autumn. In the early autumn, an orange short knit cardigan is casual and eye-catching. It is a very good choice for small people.
If you don't like too short knit cardigans, you can also choose a knit cardigan that has just reached the length of your hips. The little girl wants to use this as the limit. Don't exceed this length, so it can be visually higher.
Medium knit sweater selection
160-168 is a normal height. This type of girl can choose a long-length knit cardigan. It is very suitable for this length just over the buttocks. It is a casual and feminine dress.
When the weather is colder, you can choose a fine-fitting, thick-fitting fleece knit cardigan. This style is best suited to match skirts and women's high heels. The whole person will look very gentle and intellectual.
Tall sweater selection
In principle, tall girls above 170 can choose sweaters of various lengths, but Xiaobian recommends that you wear long sweaters, and you should give full play to your own advantages. In the early autumn, you can come to a thin long knit cardigan.
Knit cardigan is the first choice for many girls in autumn. If you choose a knit cardigan, you should pay special attention to its length. Otherwise, it is easy to wear and short and soil.